Louise Mathewson - Author & Poet

"A gem is not polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials." Proverb


Poetry Sampler


A Day to Remember


It’s Thursday

an anniversary, of sorts

my body remembers

my mind does not

heaviness builds in my chest

eyes fill

another wave of grief threatens

a storm

upon the ocean of my life

waves build slowly

life changed in an instant.

This story

I was told

hit from behind

our car spun on black ice

struck a guard rail

slid across the pavement

smashed into an oncoming car

my door

the target.

My head hit hard

brain bounced inside my skull

blood vessels shirred

lobes bruised

neurons stretched

beyond capacity,

safety in the world destroyed.

The old me

put to rest.


©Louise Mathewson. First published in 

A Life InterruptedNashville: Pearlsong Press, Oct 2012



run up my arms

I hunger

for a soft cocoon

lined in velvet

while cells

rearrange themselves

in my vessel


the angel of transformation



a new



of beauty.

©Louise Mathewson. First published in 

A Life Interrupted. Nashville: Pearlsong Press, Oct 2012

In The Night

In the dark of night

she heard

Soul speak,

“You are a prophet.”

Again, it spoke,

“You are a poet,

gold to the world.

Let your light shine.”

She awoke,

tried it on 

in a whisper,

“I am a poet.”

©Louise Mathewson. First published in Breath and Shadow: Journal of Literature & Disability Culture, Fall/Winter 2008, Vol. 5, No. 7.